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About Us

Twizted Heights is family owned and operated business dedicated to offering the highest quality cannabis on the market. With a team of dedicated employees who focus on greatness, we are able to produce the highest quality product that is unmatched. Our process and proprietary methods produce the best strains in the industry. Home based just outside the Detroit Metropolitan Area, Warren Michigan in Macomb County, our state of the art facility is responsible for protecting the quality of your investment. Our inspection process and attention to detail guarantees consistent bud structure, exquisite terpene profile, dependable presentation, uniform texture, and higher yield sales.

Our Mission

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This facility is a state of the art hydroponics horticulture condition controlled environment that allows us to produce consistent and repetitive results. Our custom strains and genetic research department is dedicated to cross breeding the most potent and most exquisite terpene profiles to blend unique flavors that are only produced at Twizted Heights.

Every bud is tended to by hand. We harvesting only the best and discard the rest. We don't long trim to add weight, we trim tight to the bud ensure top quality and prime flavor.

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We track our process for high quality assurance measure. Each room provides its own unique profile to provide the individual care that each strain demands.

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